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15.11.2017 to 16.11.2017

Integration of the refugees into the labour market

PROGRAMME PRACTICALITIES REGISTRATION FORM   Introduction In recent years Europe has experienced the greatest mass movement of people since the Second World War.  More than 1 million refugees and migrants have arrived in Europe. The EU has agreed on a range of measures to deal with the crisis. These include trying to resolve the root causes of the crisis as well as greatly increasing aid to people in need of humanitarian assistance both inside and outside the EU.  Our countries are acting on different fronts: from reforming the asylum system to strengthening border security, making the return...
17.10.2017 to 18.10.2017

“Youth Guarantee” Programme as Prevention of Youth Unemployment

Online Registration Form Hotel Reservation Form   Program Practicalities  Vulnerable groups, which are refers mostly youth, women and disabled have been always common matters for regional and national labour markets.  As a matter of course, all public employment services target increasing employability and employment of those groups.  For Europe, youth are particularly disadvantaged and their difficult position is sensitive in accordance with the numbers. High level of youth unemployment is still an issue in all countries in the Europe.  Although in April 2017 the number of unemployed youth...
19.09.2017 to 21.09.2017

Expert Meeting “Labour Market Information”

PROGRAM As economies and societies turn more interdependent, the need to enhance our understanding of the world of work becomes increasingly important. Timely and focused information on the labour market is essential. This issue has currently become one of the most important challenges in Africa and a lot of partners have started to take it into consideration when setting their action plans.   Answering these questions requires detailed analysis of a large volume of statistics.  At the national level, statistical information is generally gathered by National Statistical Agencies (...
07.09.2017 to 08.09.2017

Conférence Paris 2017 Interactions entre les SPE et leurs usagers

  La idiomas de trabajo son el Inglés y el Francés   PROGRAMME INFORMATIONS PRATIQUES INSCRIPTION      Thursday 7 September 2017   08.30   Welcome - Coffee   09.15 10.00   Opening remarks Master of Ceremony: Alex TAYLOR Representative from Jean BASSERES, Director General, Vice-Presidency of WAPES Europe Region, Annie GAUVIN, Director of International Affairs and Relationships, Pôle emploi, France WAPES Presidency, Askin TOREN, Deputy Director General, International Relations Department, ISKUR, Turkey Vice-President of WAPES Asia-Pacific region, Jaehung LEE, President of Korean...
06.07.2017 to 07.07.2017

"Social Protection and roles of Public Employment Services"

Workshop on the theme "Social Protection and roles of Public Employment Services" Seoul Korea, from 6 to 7 July 2017 PROGRAMME PRACTICALITIES INSCRIPTION HOTEL RESERVATION FORM   (Fill by hand, scan and send it)     Thursday 6th  2017   Welcome of participants and Registration Welcome and Opening Remarks Moderator : Sang Hyon Lee, KEIS Jaehung Lee, President KEIS, WAPES Vice-President of Asia and the Pacific Region Ministry of Employment and Labor Cafer Uzunkaya, Deputy Director General of İŞKUR, On behalf of President WAPES Photo session and Coffee Break Overview Presentation...