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Cabo Verde: Celebration of the International Migrants Day

19 Diciembre 2018

On Monday, 18 December 2018, the IEFP – the Cape Verdean Public Employment Service – celebrated the International Migrants Day.

Indeed, Cape Verde faces great challenges in dealing with labour migration, due to its geographical position as well as its economic growth.


The IEFP is one of the 5 Public Employment Services involved in the Mig’Actions  program, and the celebration offered an opportunity to go through the project’s successes and study the activities that were yet to be completed.


The IEFP Managing Board President reiterated the Cape Verdean government’s wish that actual actions be undertaken in order to improve the service offer of the IEFP to workers seeking to migrate to or from the country.


The MB President also insisted on the need to establish strong partnerships with all actors involved in the field of migration, at national, regional and international levels.





The Migr’Actions project: “Project to facilitate labour mobility in West Africa”
Triangular cooperation benefitting the Public Employment Services from Cape Verde, Senegal, Togo, Mauritania and Ghana. Financed by the EU (80%) and partner States (20%). Consortium led by Pôle Emploi (France) with the support of ANAPEC (Morocco), ANETI (Tunisia) and Arbeitsformedlingen (Sweden)