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Atelier à Marrakech

29.10.2013 to 30.10.2013

FR Youth employment: cross channel, a winning strategy

Boosting youth employment is now a world-wide concern. The nature of this sector of the community is enormously varied and changeable, with qualifications on all different levels and an equally bewildering range of expectations and needs. In the light of this shared awareness, the Public Employment Services are being called upon to develop the range of services they offer in order to provide different and up-to-date responses designed to position young people in the world of work. The purpose of this workshop is to identify the totality of innovative ways of responding to, and supporting, young people, extending from setting up distance services to approaches of the "cross channel" type, which take account of the diversity of the problem scenarios to be tackled. In direct collaboration with WAPES, ANAPEC will be holding this event in Marrakech on 29 and 30 October 2013. A detailed programme will soon be available.