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Skilled labour immigration: A new role for Public Employment Services?


Skilled labour immigration: A new role for Public Employment Services?



Labour markets in Europe are facing considerable talent shortages due to demographic changes, technological developments and evolving occupational preferences. Even if the situation varies across countries, recent analysis reveals that there is labour shortage in several sectors and occupations, in particular health and personal care, but also seasonal work in agriculture, construction workers and certain ICT specialists.



Worldwide, several countries have developed policy strategies for targeted labour immigration. These include online platforms for selection and targeted international recruitment programs initiated by PES or other stakeholders. Often, private recruitment agencies are involved. All initiatives have as common objective to structure and facilitate the process of skilled labour immigration.



Objective of the webinar


This online workshop initiated by the PES Germany has the objective to present and discuss the state of play and new initiatives with a view to PES approaches for recruitment using bilateral agreements.



It covers the following aspects:


    Policy lessons: Which key ingredients make international recruitment strategies a success and what are main obstacles?

  • PES strategies: How can PES effectively contribute to recruiting for vacancies difficult to fill?
  • Fair recruitment:  How to best ensure fairness with a view to workers, sending countries and competing recruiters? 




Public Employment Service directors and managers, representatives of ministries in charge of employment, Human Resource Managers, experts and leaders of major donors of global cooperation and international institutions directly involved in employment or labour market management issues.


Skilled labour immigration: A new role for Public Employment Services?

Friday 20 November 2020, 10:00 – 11:30




10:00                     Opening

Ms Florence Dumontier

Vice-President WAPES - Europe

Director of international affairs and relations, Pôle Emploi


10:15                     International recruitment: Strategies and success factors

Mr Jonathan Chaloff

International Migration Division, OECD

10:30                     Q & A


10:35                     PES Germany: The role of PES and forms of bilateral collaboration for international recruitment

Alexander Wilhelm

Director International Relations, PES Germany        

10:45                     Q & A


10:50                     PES France: Initiatives for international recruitment

Mr Nicolas Simon

Head of Department International labour mobility, Pôle Emploi

11:00                     Q & A


11:05                     Employment Permit System for foreign worker of the Republic Korea

Mr Daniel Choi

Manager, HRD Korea

11:15                     Q & A


11:25                     Closing


Ms Susanne Kraatz, WAPES