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Telework: opportunities and risks for our organisations and tomorrow's labour market


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Webconference- 3PM (heure de Bruxelles)


The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the practice of telework by forcing many companies and organisations to use it to maintain all or part of their activities.


In response to a survey jointly carried out between April and May 2020 by WAPES, in partnership with the International Labour Organisation, the Inter-American Development Bank and SOCIEUX+, among 80 public employment services (PES) on all continents, more than 82% of the participants reported national measures to foster telework. 


This increase, which has had short-term effects, forcing organisations to make rapid or even improvised adjustments, has led to the active implementation of telework on a large scale. This flexibility has largely contributed to maintaining the essential activities of public employment services in periods of confinement.


Today, questions are being raised about the future of telework, its impact on organisations, management methods, but also more generally on the evolution of skills, professions and the labour market (including the Gig economy).


Purpose of our webinar


Our objective is to share our knowledge about the reality of telework today and to learn from our experiences during the pandemic and look to the future to:


• identify the most appropriate scenarios adapted to each organisational reality (sustainability or recourse solution, etc.) and the best measures for optimising and securing their use (work organisation, quality of life at work, managerial culture to be promoted) within our organisations.

• build a prospective vision of the effects of the spread of telework on labour market transformation, in order to anticipate them, prevent them if necessary and support them in the provision of services and consultancy to companies and workers, and prevent the exclusion of certain categories of workers.




This web conference is aimed at public employment service directors, representatives of ministries in charge of employment, training and integration professionals, Human Resources managers, experts and leaders of major donors of global cooperation and international institutions directly or indirectly involved in employment and labor market management issues.



The web conference will be accessible in English, French and Spanish.




  • Telework: from the business model to the transformation of the social relationship to work
  • Impact of the telework development on the organisation of the PES
  • Impact on the labour market




Eric Boulé, Employment Policies and Strategies Directorate, Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Solidarity, Government of Quebec


Lenka Kint , Strategic Account Manager International Relations, VDAB, Belgium


Anna Palmgren, Head Unit for the Unit Digital Management, Arbetsförmedlingen, Sweden


Jens Wretling, Unit Digital Management, Arbetsförmedlingen, Sweden


Camilla Veide, Unit Digital Management, Arbetsförmedlingen, Sweden


Azzeddine GAMRAOUI, Assistant Director of Partnership, ANEM, Algeria 


Yahia RASSOUL, Deputy Director IT Development,, ANEM, Algérie