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Web-Conference, The Future of Work after COVID-19




The future of work after Covid-19


The COVID-19 pandemic affected us all, both on an organizational and personal level.


We had to adjust our ways of working quickly in order to continue to guarantee our services.


Nevertheless, despite all these changes, we need to look ahead to the future and already think about how we can continue to adjust our policies and services to meet the demands of the labour market.


On May 25, 2020, moderated by Miguel PEROMINGO, 5 panellists were gathered to discuss the future of work after Covid-19.

1.      Welcome address by the President of WAPES, Abdelmonnime EL MADANI


2.    Introduction by Miguel PEROMINGO


3.    Keynote,  The world of work after COVID19, overview, Fons LEROY

4.    Professor Alex NUNN’s point of view: Current research on PES and the future of work


5.    Questions & Answers


6.     Panel discussion :



                  Edmond COLMAN AMOUSSOU , ANPE, Togo Challenges and opportunities on the labour market in Togo

                  Youssef FENNIRA , ANETI, Tunisia  ANETI's stakes and challenges in the face of the COVID crisis-19


                  Francisco José CAPARROS ALCARAZ, SOIB/SEPE, Spain   PES measures to tackle Covid-19 effects in Spanish labour market



7.  Questions & Answers