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Web Conference: Swinging into Action in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

From 2 April to 28 May 2020, WAPES together with its partners International Labour Organization (ILO), Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and SOCIEUX+, carried out a joint survey of the world's public employment to assess how they have adapted to the health and economic crisis following the Covid-19 pandemic, with the objective of anticipating the main lines of their actions in the coming months.
This survey focused on four areas:
•    Prevention and economic support
•    Measures to maintain  PES services
•    Services organization measures
•    Current or foreseeable problems
Webinar Objective:
To share the first results of the joint survey and initiate a joint reflection on the main actions to be undertaken.
Share the first results of the joint survey
To share and enrich our thoughts on the adaptations of our organizations and the measures implemented in order to contain the effects of the crisis and to support the recovery.
Target Audience:
This webinar is aimed at all public employment services and particularly those who have contributed through their responses to this survey, their partners, at academics and anyone interested in employment and labour market issues.
The web-conference will be available in English, French and Spanish. How to use the platform?

Welcoming :

Short introduction


Mr. Miguel Peromingo : Moderator

Employment Policy Consultant 


Mr Abdelmounaïm El Madani

CEO of ANAPEC (Morocco) and President of WAPES


Survey results presented by the experts’ panel

  •  Synthetic presentation of the survey’s main results
  • Quick presentation of the institutions and their point of view
  • Questions / Answers



Summary proposal of the survey results (WAPES)


Mr Thierry HUORT

Senior consultant

World Association of Public Employment Services (WAPES)


Mr Giovanni Mattozzi

Intern, Labour Market for Transition Unit

International Labour Organization


Points of view & Questions and answers with our panel of experts


Mr. Michael Mwasikakata

Head of Labour Market Services for Transitions Unit

Employment and Labour Market Policies Branch – Employment Policy Department

International Labour Organization


Mrs. Dulce Dias Alvarenga Baptista

Labor Markets and Social Security Specialist

Labor Markets and Social Security Division, Social Sector

Inter-American Development Bank


Mr. Thierry Fiquet

Development and Technical Advisor (DTA)

SOCIEUX+ (European Union Expertise on Social Protection, Labour and Employment)



External point of view

Increased cooperation between PES to face the crisis


Mr. Spiros Protopsaltis

Governor of OAED
Manpower Employment Organization - Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (Greece)

Vice-Chair of PES Network (Europa)


Conclusion and perspective

Conclusion and perspective


Mr. Abdelmounaïm El Madani

ANAPEC CEO (Morocco)

President of WAPES