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Managing Board Meeting Bern 2022


IN LIVE@ET-DC@eyJkeW5hbWljIjp0cnVlLCJjb250ZW50IjoicG9zdF90aXRsZSIsInNldHRpbmdzIjp7ImJlZm9yZSI6IiIsImFmdGVyIjoiIn19@28/29th November 2022 Managing Board, Bern 2022 The State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO is pleased to hos the meeting of the members of the Managing Boardà Berne, from […]


What do employers need from an employment service?

IN LIVE@ET-DC@eyJkeW5hbWljIjp0cnVlLCJjb250ZW50IjoicG9zdF90aXRsZSIsInNldHRpbmdzIjp7ImJlZm9yZSI6IiIsImFmdGVyIjoiIn19@11-13 October 2022SAMPES AFRICA/MOPA EXPERT MEETING Nairobi-KENYA As folllow up of the SamPES project, WAPES is pleased to invite you to the expert training ‘What do employers need from […]


The role of PES and forms of bilateral collaboration in the management of transnational migration

Management Academy of the Federal Employment Agency Schützenstraße 50, Lauf a. d. Pegnitz

IN LIVE@ET-DC@eyJkeW5hbWljIjp0cnVlLCJjb250ZW50IjoicG9zdF90aXRsZSIsInNldHRpbmdzIjp7ImJlZm9yZSI6IiIsImFmdGVyIjoiIn19@13th September 2022The German Federal Employment Agency (BA) and WAPES invite you to a joint workshop. Under the motto"The role of PES and forms of bilateral collaboration in the […]