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08.11.2006 to 09.11.2006

WAPES-ILO-STPS seminar on youth employment, Cocoyoc, Mexico

WAPES’ regional activity was celebrated in the framework of the 28th Annual Meeting of the Mexican National Employment Service plus a range of concurrent activities. This was an excellent opportunity to work on the same stage with experts from other international institutions, such as the Organization of American States, the 14th Inter-American Conference of Ministers of Labor, the Inter-American Development Bank, representatives from the European Commission and the Canadian government. The central theme was the promotion of employment among the youth population, which is the largest sector...
18.09.2006 to 20.09.2006

Workshop: Funding PES in Africa: Challenges and prospects

The objective of the Workshop is to analyse the current situation regarding the funding of Public Employment Services and to encourage the interchange of best practices between them. This annual meeting of the WAPES Africa Region will attempt to provide a complete overview of the initiatives taken by African PESs in order to respond to the financial challenges which they must face in their efforts not only to guarantee quality services to jobseekers and business, but also to develop new services when confronted by an ever more complex and demanding job market.