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Invitation: International Public Employment Services Symposium

02 September 2021

Reviving, Realigning, and Rebuilding the Labour Market

The Symposium aims to empower employers, employees, entrepreneurs, jobseekers, and the self-employed who may be struggling during the pandemic to make use of available resources and insights from our speakers to survive, thrive, and come back stronger than ever.

To ensure an engaging and informative experience for an estimated audience of 40,000 from all walks of Malaysian society, we have assembled an impressive line-up of speakers hailing from all nationalities, from policymakers and researchers to educators and athletes.  
We believe that the insights shared in the Symposium will be immensely helpful to not just Malaysians, but also labour market stakeholders in other countries currently working on initiatives to strengthen and protect the workforce post-pandemic. Therefore, we welcome all WAPES members to attend the International PES Symposium at their convenience to gain useful information from what we are sure will be highly educational presentations by our speakers. 

Claire Tang Yu Yan

Administrative Officer

Employment Insurance System Office

Social Security Organisation