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Kick Off SamPES Africa

20 January 2021

On 19 January, SamPES AFRICA, the Self-assessment method for Public Employment Services for African countries, was launched.  

The opening was conducted by Mr. Ibrahim AG NOCK, WAPES Vice President for the Africa Region and President of AASEP and by Mr. Pierre LUCANTE, YouMatch project manager. Financed by GIZ in the framework of the WAPES/YouMatch cooperation project, SamPES AFRICA is a WAPES initiative involving 34 participants from 17 countries.


Initially planned to be delivered in a face-to-face format, the SamPES training has been adapted to the conditions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic and will, therefore, be carried out online.


The SamPES method, which had already been tested in 2020 with seven WAPES member countries, aims to help public employment services to self-assess on seven areas of activity. After learning how to get an overview of quality assessment of public services, participants will self-assess their performance in areas relevant for their PES. These topics will be prioritised through a baseline survey.   Eventually, participants will draw up an action plan to improve the services delivered by their institution.   


To support the PESs in this process, WAPES is mobilising a team of facilitators, all possessing long-standing experience in the field of public employment services. This training will end in May 2021. Afterwards, PES shall start to implement their action plan.


For further information on this project, you can contact Hilde d'AUBIOUL, SamPES project manager.,