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Mauritania: ANAPEJ becomes TECHGHIL

25 May 2021

ANAPEJ, the Mauritanian PES and WAPES Vice President of the MENA region, becomes TECHGHIL.

Here is a video introducing this new agency.
Also, check out the new website:


TECHGHIL Press Release ( 25/05/2021)


Employment is the principal lever for combating poverty, achieving growth, prosperity and stability, reducing inequalities and achieving sustainable social justice. In this regard, the government, in line with the commitments of His Excellency, the President of the Republic, Mr. Mohamed Ould Cheikh El Ghazouani, and the President's Extended Priority Programme (ProPEP), has launched a number of ambitious programmes to address the urgent needs of job seekers.


In an effort to improve the public employment service and make it more accessible to job seekers, regardless of their location in the country, the Ministry of Employment, Youth and Sports has, over the past few months, reorganised the National Agency for the Promotion of Youth Employment, which has become the National Employment Agency, or TECHGHIL in its acronym. 


In this context, the launching ceremony being held today under the supervision of His Excellency, the Minister of Employment, Youth and Sports, Mr. Taleb Sid'Ahmed, will mark the opening of TECHGHIL counters at the national level to ensure the implementation of the new service offering of the TECHGHIL Agency.


During this week, six TECHGHIL offices will be inaugurated, four in Nouakchott, one in the city of Kaédi and another in the city of Sélibabi. In the following weeks, this process will continue to allow for the deployment of  in each regional capital before being extended to the moughataas. Overall, more than 50 TECHGHIL counters will be set up throughout the country.


In addition to the services that these counters will provide to jobseekers in terms of reception, advice and support towards the labour market, they will also offer services to employers, training centres, local and central authorities and technical and financial partners. 


This ceremony also marks the launch of the new integrated information system called DELIL, developed within the framework of the Migr'Actions project financed by the European Union and implemented by a consortium of public employment services steered by the French Pôle emploi agency.


The DELIL information system provides services to the various clients and partners of the TECHGHIL Agency (jobseekers, employers, training centres, technical and financial partners, etc.) according to their needs.




This information system also includes tools to support the jobseekers in their integration process as well as other clients to enable them to fully benefit from TECHGHIL's service offer. In parallel, DELIL produces statistics on the labour market to support decision-makers in their strategic orientations.