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ONEM: 18 years later, a positive assessment!

08 July 2020

From July 3, 2002 to July 3, 2020, ONEM has been operating for a total of 18 years, the age of maturity. This institution with its technical and social characteristics has been able to build its reputation in a very complex social and economic environment, thanks to the very noble mission of promoting and organising the labour market. 


The National Employment Office (Office National de l’Emploi, ONEM) has gone through thick and thin to achieve this status today, as an indispensable employment institution in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


It was able to breathe new life into the organisation and functioning of the Congolese working community. Today, the Congolese state has given a concrete response to what until yesterday was an illusion for job seekers. As a reminder, Congolese jobseekers were somehow confused, not knowing where to turn regarding job issues, namely finding the right, reliable information on the subject. 


Thanks to this public institution set up by the Congolese State by Presidential Decree No. 081/2002 of 3 July 2002, under the authority of the Ministry of Employment, Labour and Social Security, the labour market has been provided with an instrument, a public institution to regulate this sector.


At present, the Office offers a technical support highly valued by its various partners, since the harmonious combination of its services, including active reception, career guidance, offer management and prospecting, ensures the satisfaction of job seekers as well as companies benefiting from its services.  


To address the various difficulties experienced by job seekers, and thanks to the leadership of its Managing Director, Mrs. Angélique Kikundi, a program adapted to the needs of the job market was implemented in 2015, called "Graduate Employment Program". It aims at strengthening the professional skills of job seekers through an internship of more than six months, with the support of the African Development Bank. 


This programme has been a boon for jobseekers to acquire pre-employment skills with the perspective of obtaining a work contract in case of a successful internship in a company. Another programme has been implemented to support the Congolese government in the difficult task of trying to reduce mass unemployment among young people. It is called the Programme of Youth Entrepreneurship in Agrobusiness (PEJAB), in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.  Several youth projects in the agri-pastoral sector have benefited from AfDB funding. This contribution that was wrested or forced by the ONEM was not easily achieved, but eventually the employers agreed to this clause, which is included in Decree 12/003 of 17 January 2012 establishing the statutes of ONEM. This enabled the office to expand in 22 of the 26 provinces of the DRC. 


To keep up the relationship with the various partners and to meet the requirements of the ICT information society, the National Employment Office (ONEM) has launched its Internet portal, which is online 24 hours a day. A Facebook page and a twitter account bring him closer to his target audience.


At the age of 18 ONEM reaches the age of maturity.


ONEM, closer to you! 


ONEM, at your service!


ONEM, always by your side!


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