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Croatian Employment Service (CES)

1 Radnicka cesta
10000 Zagreb


The Croatian Employment Service is a public institution owned by the Republic of Croatia, constituted under the Act on Employment Mediation and Unemployment Rights, aimed at resolving employment and unemployment-related issues in the broadest sense of the words.


The Croatian Employment Service is a leading participant in the development of the Croatian labour market, especially in bringing together the entire labor supply and demand in order to achieve full employment.


Effective mediation in the labour market by developing high-quality standards in providing services according to clients' needs, while also developing our own knowledge, skills and abilities as well as promoting partnerships with stakeholders in the labor market.


Developing the services of the Croatian Employment Service in order to increase the competitiveness of the labour force and to meet the needs of the labour market.
Developing human resources and building administrative capacity of the Croatian Employment Service in oder to create and provide new services in the labor market. Acquiring the lead role in the labour market by establishing partnerships and having greater influence in the area of adopting and implementing public policies.

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