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Ms Hilde d'AUBIOUL

Project Manager SamPES


Responsible for the organization, framing and deployment of the SamPES project.

Phone: + 32 2 235 72 53

Fax: + 32 2 235 72 59



Hilde d’Aubioul joined WAPES in July 2019.


She has been seconded from VDAB, the Belgian Public Employment Services of Flanders.


In July 2004 she started at VDAB as a mediator for job seekers. In October 2013 she switched jobs and started as Strategic Policy Advisor at the central office of VDAB. In this position she fulfilled a wide range of tasks and responsibilities.  Among others things, she contributed to the development of the long-term strategy of WAPES and was a TAIEX speaker for the European Commission.


Prior to her career at VDAB she took on various positions in different sectors: plant virus researcher, banking etc


Hilde has a master of science in Educational Studies and a bachelor in Biochemistry.


In her free time she likes to travel an meet other cultures




Mr Thierry HUORT




Thierry joined the secretariat at the beginning of January 2020 

Phone: + 32 2 235 72 54



Thierry HUORT has been seconded by Pôle emploi, the French public employment service, to WAPES since January 2020.


For more than 35 years in the employment service, he has held various positions from employment consulting to management to human resources project management.


Since 1997, Pôle emploi has also entrusted him with missions in the context of international cooperation. In this respect, he has been involved in various countries/regions: Albania, Algeria, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, New Caledonia and Morocco, for which he led a Morocco-European Union institutional twinning project for the benefit of ANAPEC (Morocco PES) in cooperation with Arbetsformedlingen (Sweden PES) and GVG (Germany Assoc.).


Born in Algeria, he lived in Ivory Coast until the age of 18. After initial technical studies (Electronics), and resuming on-the-job studies, he holds a University Diploma in Educational Sciences (DUPHA "Human Potential and Learning").






Joint-Project Coordinator


Erika joined the secretariat at the beginning of September 2019 

Phone: + 32 2 235 72 52



Erika joined WAPES in September 2019. She is the first ever seconded official from MHLW  (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan) to WAPES, as a coordinator of Japan-WAPES Joint Project. 


In this project (2019-2021), she works with the National Employment Agency (Cambodian PES) to introduce a performance assessment framework. She devoted herself in formulating labour policy and managing day-to-day practices of

PES for over 15 years since she joined MHLW in 2004.


She has a Master of Science in Occupational Psychology, and is a member of the British Psychological Society. She enjoys gastronomy (cuisine, and visiting michelin restaurants), and jogging in rich nature of Belgium.




Mr Abdelkrim BELKADI

Consultant for Middle East and Arab countries


Responsible for International Cooperation at ANAPEC


Karim joined the secretariat at the beginning of February 2017 and he works from the ANAPEC headquarters in Casablanca.

Phone: + 212 5 22 78 95 71



After a Bachelor degree in Earth Sciences, Karim obtained an advanced Master degree in Business & administration. 

First, he worked at the Moroccan Ministry of Employment and then joined ANAPEC in 2002 in order to work in the field of international cooperation. He has organized several WAPES events in Morocco, including WAPES World Congress in 2003.


He is father of two daughters. Karim likes hiking, handiwork and reading.




Ms Ibtissam MEFTAH


Consultant for Middle East and Arab countries



Ibtissem joined the secretariat at the beginning of August 2019 and he works from the ANAPEC headquarters in Casablanca.

Phone: + 212 5 22 78 95 71



Mrs. Ibtissem MEFTAH has a master's degree in strategic human resources management. After a commercial management experience and undertaking training with a renowned ISO certification body, she joined ANAPEC in 2009. She began her career in the PES as a local employment counselor and then as a regional employment counselor. Currently, she works in the International Cooperation Department within the central management. She is also an in-house trainer of ANAPEC.

Mother of three girls, she loves classical music, photography, and traditional fashion.



Ms Susanne KRAATZ




Susanne joined the secretariat at the beginning of September 2020 



Susanne is a political scientist by profession having further qualifications in career guidance, demographic counselling for employers and adult learning. She has been cooperating with WAPES since 2005 before joining the Secretariat in September 2020 as an interim senior consultant. She has worked for more than 20 years in the field of labour market integration, modernising PES business models, career management, training of  PES staff, and employment policies. Her experience includes: building up a European mutual learning programme for PES at the European Commission; benchmarking and benchlearning among PES; elaborating a European reference competence profile for PES counsellors; developing the European Youth Guarantee and implementing it with the European PES network; strategies for labour integration of vulnerable groups; gender mainstreaming in PES; analysis and coordination of negotiations on EU legal acts for the Employment and Social Affairs Committee of the European Parliament (e.g. Directive on Transparent and Predictable Working Conditions). She is a member of the Cedefop CareersNet as a country expert for Germany and cooperates with the  ILO, OECD and the European Training Foundation. She has been seconded by the Federal Employment Agency Germany.