New logo, new digital platform: the words of WAPES president

It is with great pleasure that I announce the official launch of the new WAPES digital platform, which you can visit at This new platform offers many modern and interactive features with a sleek design, as to facilitate the user experience as much as possible.

I would also like to announce a long-awaited change in the visual identity of our association. The choice – Your choice – was established following a democratic and inclusive process, and resulted in a new visual identity that translates our mission and our values ​​in a more relevant way.

As a reminder, this project was one of the four pillars of our Presidency program as presented at the WAPES World Congress in Marrakech back in 2018. Promise made, promise kept!

These feats could not have been achieved without your commitment and support, and I would like to thank all the stakeholders, who participated directly or indirectly in the culmination of this strategic project: the Executive Secretariat, the team of communication correspondents and experts from the various PES. With that, I invite all members of our community to adopt this platform as the number one digital exchange hub and to enrich it through your participation and your contributions.

Mr. Mohamed ACHIQ

WAPES President