Joint Project : Second Online Meeting
In September 2020, the National Employment Agency (NEA, Royal Government of Cambodia) and the WAPES Executive Secretariat hold the Second Online Meeting to discuss implementation of performance management and design of Customer Survey.

The online meeting involved 11 officials from the Cambodian NEA and Job Centers, 4 Experts from PES and related fields, 8 special guests/observers, and the Project Coordinator. The 4 Experts were drawn from WAPES members (Ministry of Health Labour and Welfare in Japan, Korea Information Employment Service), and Ingeus.

Participants shared the internal discussion of NEA for the last two months. NEA selected the 6 Key Performance Indicators (KIPs) with 3 pillars, and outlined the survey design.

The KPIs include: ‘Number of walk-in visitors to Job Centers’; and ‘Increase service users’ overall satisfaction rate’.

The results of discussion in the fist/second online meetings will be shared with NEA’s stakeholders at the Consultation Conference. Then, NEA and Job Centers will conduct a Pilot Study to improve the PES activities by using the KPIs and the Customer Survey.

Further positive development will be expected over the coming months.