ANPE Mali: Launching of a training for the women of Kati and signing of an agreement


The headquarters of the Permanent Assembly of Malian Chambers of Trade was the setting this Thursday, September 8, 2022 of an important ceremony of renewal of a partnership agreement signed in 2017 between the ANPE and APCMM, but also the start of a training session in food processing for the benefit of women of KATI Sananfara.

These coupled activities were chaired by the Ministers in charge of entrepreneurship and vocational training and the one in charge of handicrafts, hotels and tourism. The president of APCMM, Mr. TRAORÉ, host of the ceremony welcomed all participants and guests and paid a deserved tribute to the excellent Ministers Guindo of artisans and DOUMBIA of National Entrepreneurship and Vocational Training who have enhanced the brilliance of this ceremony with their presence.

He will specify in his speech the results obtained in the framework of the partnership ANPE -APCMM and to express his wish to renew quickly the aforementioned convention in the interest of the craftswomen in particular and all the craftsmen in a general way. The renewal will result in more synergy of actions between the structures concerned, through the creation, employment, development and vocational training of artisans.

The DG /ANPE supporter committed to support and assistance to artisans believes that the craft sector is the most job provider. That is why everything will be implemented so that this partnership can have a multiplier effect for other public services in the direction of umbrella organizations (public-private partnership). He also detailed the purpose of the convention which is summarized as follows:

The purpose of this agreement is to agree on a partnership for a synergy of action and pooling of resources in the context of promoting employment (through intermediation and development of entrepreneurship) and vocational training (through capacity building and development).

The signing of the renewed agreement was an important moment under the watchful eyes of the two Ministers Guindo and DOUMBIA. The ANPE is committed in the convention to accompany and train hundreds of artisans and to make the training-integration a reality.

The other event of the day was the launching by Minister DOUMBIA of the training -insertion of women of KATI in the sector of the food-processing. This 15-day training concerns about thirty women with the creation or consolidation of 50 jobs.

The Minister DOUMBIA reassured the participants that his technical structure ANPE will bring all the support to this association of women of KATI who are fighters for the insertion of women in the active life. The spokesperson for these women, Mrs. Bah, praised the partnership with ANPE before praising Minister DOUMBIA for all the positive actions he has taken since he took over the Department. The visit of products processed by women artisans and the interview given to the press by the Minister of Handicrafts, Hotels and Tourism marked the end of this ceremony.

Source : ANPE /DC