How to support a job seeker? Handbook for Employment and Career Development Counselors

How to support a job seeker? Handbook for Employment and Career Development Counselors



In a world of work where changes are accelerating, the role of Employment Services is crucial. The employment counselor is essential to support professional transitions, in particular for the most vulnerable groups. However, the profession of adviser is complex. Having to combine knowledge in economics, law and human sciences, the employment professional must also acquire the skills, techniques and postures of the consulting relationship. This handbook offers the basics of the profession, to be adapted to the context of each country.

In recent years, successive crises have hit the global economy and had a powerful impact on the labour market, widening inequalities. The most disadvantaged populations are the hardest hit. Ensuring that these groups are not left behind during the crisis and when the economy recovers is essential to advancing social justice.

Active labor market policies (ALMP) promote equal opportunities. Employment services are an integral part of ALMPs and are essential to support individuals in managing professional transitions. At the same time, they contribute to the better functioning of the economy, by connecting job seekers and employers.

However, we frequently see the need to strengthen the skills and training of ’employment counsellors ‘ in employment services. If you are an “employment counsellor”, this manual is aimed directly at you. It aims to provide valuable tools for your daily work, in order to better respond to the new challenges of the labour market.

Type: Publication
Date issued: 15 May 2023
Reference: 978-92-2-037411-5 (print)[ISBN]
978-92-2-037412-2 (pdf Web)[ISBN]
Authors: François Dumora
Format available: 85 pages