Survey: Strategies & Challenges for Public Employment Services in 2023

Survey: Strategies & Challenges for Public Employment Services in 2023

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For the second consecutive year, WAPES conducted a survey among its members to gather insights into their concerns, difficulties, and strategies for the ongoing year. A total of 38 public employment services from various regions around the world participated in this survey, providing each with a broader perspective on the changes and operational directions being pursued by their counterparts.

The responses to this survey validate our belief that significant and enduring shifts in the labour market are gaining momentum across all countries. These changes are driven by various global factors such as demographics, climate change, armed conflicts, and the digitization of the economy, among others, even though their manifestations may vary. The sudden emergence of the COVID-19 health crisis in 2020 served as a stark reminder of our limitations in predicting unforeseen events that can impact our economies and societies. While we strive to enhance our predictive capabilities, we acknowledge that there will always be areas of uncertainty. The reduction of these uncertainties can only be achieved by sharing our circumstances, analyses, actions, and projects. The contributions from our members in response to this survey demonstrate that the majority of our public employment services are already taking proactive measures in addressing these challenges.

This study offers a diverse collection of experiences and actions from different regions and contexts, providing a valuable resource for you to identify connections and benchmarks within our network through the WAPES social platform.

Once again, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to the 38 PES members who dedicated their time to provide us with valuable insights through this survey. We eagerly anticipate the participation of others in our upcoming annual survey, scheduled for November 2023, and look forward to their invaluable contributions.