Mali: ANPE provides training in agri-food processing trades

On October 5, 2023, at the Siby CAAS agri-food center in Mali, the graduation ceremony for the 4th class of girls trained in agri-food processing was held under the chairmanship of the Chief of Staff of the Ministry in charge of employment.

Over a 6-month period, a cohort of 50 girls – including 20 widows from the camps – were trained in local food processing trades. This project is a joint partnership between ANPE, Service social des armées and CAAS.
The subject of a 50 million CFA franc agreement financed by ANPE and CAAS, the 6-month vocational training cycle for girls and women widowed in the camps focuses on capacity building and the provision of self-employment integration kits.
In line with the objectives of the Transition, the national employment agency, ANPE, through the ministry in charge of employment, is working to create local economic opportunities, in particular by developing promising productive sectors.
This life-saving action will create 20 direct jobs and 50 indirect jobs. After awarding the certificates and handing over the kits to the beneficiaries, the ANPE General Manager urged the recipients to be more assiduous, to take full advantage of the enhanced skills and make good use of the kits. This multiplier effect will create sustainable, long-term, viable jobs.
Under the terms of the agreement, this will be followed up by further reinforcement kits and cohorts. In the near future, 30 people will benefit from this training.
The ceremony was presided over by the Chief of Staff of the Minister, Mrs Bagayoko Aminata Traore, who was unable to attend. National Coordinator Salaha Baby, very committed to an inclusive local approach to the integration of vulnerable groups, gave instructions to persevere in the success of the activities. The National Director of the Armed Forces Social Service, Colonel Major Ibrahima Samake, praised the ANPE and CAAS partnership and encouraged the partnership with the German Cooperation.
Source ANPE