ILO Conventions 88 and 181 – Information now available in French and Spanish.

Report: The impact of climate change and environmental change on the labour market

To facilitate broader accessibility and understanding on ILO Conventions 88 and 181, the ILO has made available comprehensive information on these Conventions in French and Spanish, besides the information in English. The dedicated page, accessible at–en/index.htm, provides valuable resources in these widely spoken languages.

Convention 88, titled “Employment Service Convention, 1948,” and Convention 181, known as the “Private Employment Agencies Convention, 1997,” lay down international standards concerning public and private employment services. These Conventions serve as crucial benchmarks in fostering fair and transparent employment practices globally.

For WAPES and its members, this development signifies a strengthened commitment to the principles outlined in Conventions 88 and 181. The availability of resources in French and Spanish ensures that a broader audience can comprehend and engage with the content, fostering a more inclusive and informed global dialogue on employment services.

WAPES encourages its members to explore the provided materials and leverage the insights to enhance their own practices in alignment with international standards. The ILO’s dedication to multilingual accessibility reflects a global approach to addressing employment challenges and promoting fair labour practices.

This initiative marks a pivotal step towards building a more equitable and collaborative global employment landscape, with WAPES and its members at the forefront of positive change.