Boosting Digital Skills for All – A Collaborative Effort by Arbetsförmedlingen and Google Digitalakademin Boosting Digital Skills for All – A Collaborative Effort by Arbetsförmedlingen and Google Digitalakademin

In today’s increasingly digital world, acquiring and honing digital skills is vital for individuals to navigate various online services with confidence. Recognizing this need, has emerged as a comprehensive online platform offering 30 beginner-level courses designed to develop essential digital competencies. By empowering users to enhance their digital prowess at their own pace and convenience, aims to bridge the digital divide and empower individuals in their everyday lives. offers a diverse range of courses, catering to beginners who are new to the digital landscape. These courses cover a wide array of topics, from basic computer literacy to navigating online services such as public services, banking, and job applications. The platform recognizes the importance of digital skills in today’s job market, where proficiency in these areas is often a prerequisite for employment. As the European Union places a high emphasis on digital competence as a key skill for success in modern society, aligns itself with these goals.

The website provides an inclusive learning environment, offering its content in 11 different languages through Google Translate. This accessibility ensures that individuals from diverse backgrounds can benefit from the platform’s offerings. Moreover, is entirely free of charge, further enhancing its accessibility and eliminating financial barriers that may hinder individuals from acquiring digital skills. is a collaboration between Arbetsförmedlingen, the Swedish Public Employment Service, and Google Digitalakademin. This partnership combines the expertise of Arbetsförmedlingen in labour market knowledge with Google’s insights into digitalization, creating a synergistic approach to developing digital competencies. By leveraging their respective strengths, the collaboration aims to address the present and future needs surrounding digital competence effectively.

Arbetsförmedlingen takes responsibility for the maintenance of the website, ensuring compliance with EU and Swedish laws, accessibility standards, and data privacy regulations. This commitment guarantees a secure and user-friendly experience for individuals utilizing the platform. Continual development is a key focus, with the team working to expand the course catalogue and adapt the platform based on user feedback and evolving needs.

The impact of is already apparent, with impressive statistics demonstrating its effectiveness. Over 270,000 unique users have saved their progress, and an overwhelming 97 percent of users would recommend it to others. The dedication of these users is evident in the completion of over 500,000 courses by January 2024.

As part of their ongoing commitment to improvement, is just introduced course-completion certificates, allowing users to validate and showcase their newly acquired digital skills. Additionally, a research project focusing on understanding the digital skills needs of youth is underway, ensuring the platform’s offerings remain relevant and beneficial for all age groups.