WAPES launches its new digital platform and logo

Since 1988, the year of its creation, our association has evolved, becoming for its members, the Public Employment Services of 83 countries, an essential central space for exchange and sharing of experiences. A meeting place, which until recently favoured face-to-face events.

Over the last few years, we have been thinking about the need to use new technologies to enhance our offer and to make it easier for our members to get together. The result of this reflection is now being presented to you with the launch of our digital platform which will allow all our members and partners to exchange via an exclusive social network.

This innovative tool will allow users to stay in touch through its internal messaging system, but also to learn or share their experiences through the various forums, groups and communities of practice. Documentation, publications and surveys will also be available on various subjects.

In addition, a reflection on the association brand image was engaged. The logo you are familiar with was created when AMSEP was founded in 1988. In 33 years, the association has evolved considerably, so the time had come to also rework our image.

We are therefore happy to present you in this video our new communication tool, as well as the logo that will represent WAPES around the world.

So, feel free to leave your comments, and remember that WAPES is an association that exists for its members and by its members.