Joint Project : First Online Meeting
n July 2020, the National Employment Agency (NEA, Royal Government of Cambodia) and the WAPES Executive Secretariat made further progress on their joint development project to establish performance management and customer satisfaction systems.

The online meeting involved 12 officials from the Cambodian NEA and Job Centers, 4 Experts from PES and related fields, 8 special guests/observers, and the Project Coordinator. The 4 Experts were drawn from WAPES members (Ministry of Health Labour and Welfare in Japan, Korea Information Employment Service), and Ingeus.

Participants shared the latest trends in the Cambodian labour market and, in particular, the wide range of government supports for businesses and workers amid the covid-19 pandemic.

Following the WAPES Study Visit in February 2020, NEA had been busy identifying priority occupations in the performance management of Job Centers.

The meeting gave participants the opportunity to further elaborate the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with three pillars: (1) Increase the number of service users, (2) Increase the number of staff and build wider capacity ; (3) Decrease skills mismatches.

The fruitful discussion, leveraging the critical eye of the Experts, laid the foundations for further positive developments over the coming months.