Webinar: Getting to know our PES members

Exciting Announcement – WAPES will start a series of PES Briefing available for our WAPES members!
Introducing our upcoming series of PES Online Briefings, starting in early September! Join us for a captivating webinar where you can meet PES members from all over the world.

This is your chance to stay informed and gain valuable insights from Public Employment Services worldwide But it doesn’t stop there! We’re also offering you the opportunity to volunteer and present the setup of your PES to our engaged audience.
Connect with professionals who share your passion for PES innovation, exchange ideas, and expand your network globally.

To volunteer and present your PES and the setup, please get in touch with Nicole Clobes at [Nicole.clobes@wapes.org, Cell +32.490.420.231]. Nicole will provide further details and guide you through the process.

The webinar will be conducted in English. It will be recorded and subtitles in French and Spanish will be added. So, if you happen to miss out on the live session, you can catch up by watching the recording afterwards.

Stay tuned as the final dates will be verified in July and will be posted via our channels . Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to be part of a dynamic webinar, learn from international experts, and showcase your achievements to a diverse audience of WAPES members.

Interested in volunteering and presenting? Comment below or contact Nicole Clobes for more information.