Forem’s method for developing soft skills outsourced to Senegal and awarded a European prize!

Forem’s method for developing soft skills outsourced to Senegal and awarded a European prize!

Tools from the Forem-led European STEP4-SFC project have been incorporated into a training course for employment advisors in Senegal.

Alongside three other international experts, our colleague Christine PIRET used the SFC methodology and Mooc to develop a 4-day online module. The aim: to train a group of 22 Senegalese employment advisors in the development of “soft skills”. The training module focused on the 14 behavioral skills that are priorities in the Senegalese job market.

This extraordinary experience proved enriching for Christine:
“It’s a wonderful project that has enabled us to make some wonderful human discoveries, both in terms of the participants and the experts. My own soft skills have grown as a result, because in such a context, it’s essential to be adaptable, responsive, flexible and trusting. Indeed, we co-constructed a tailor-made e-learning program in a very short space of time with the other two experts, without ever having had any contact before. It was a great multicultural challenge. We’re delighted with the results and the positive feedback from the participants.

The icing on the cake: the course won the award for the best online course to combat inequality worldwide.

At the prize-giving ceremony on September 12, the jury unanimously agreed that this was “a course highly adapted to the partner institution and country, with attractive content and extremely positive feedback from participants”. The team won 2,000 euros in training and has decided to donate the prize to its partners in Senegal.

The training and competition are the initiative of Socieux +, the European Union’s cooperation scheme for social protection, work and employment.

Source: Le Forem

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