Innovative public employment services in Nigeria: A comprehensive ILO assessment

Innovative public employment services in Nigeria: A comprehensive ILO assessment

A landmark report by the International Labour Organization (ILO) has thoroughly assessed Nigeria’s efforts to improve its public employment services (PES), highlighting significant progress and making recommendations for further improvements.

The report, entitled “Assessment of Public Employment Services in Nigeria”, provides an in-depth analysis of the current state of Nigeria’s PES ecosystem. It examines the role of the National Electronic Labour Exchange (NELEX) platform in job matching and labour market information dissemination, as well as the overarching policy framework and various government interventions.

Key findings highlight the potential of the NELEX platform as a central tool for labour market information and its interaction with other labour market actors. However, the report also identifies areas for improvement, particularly in governance structures, performance management and digital connectivity.

The report’s recommendations focus on reforming the organisation and management of NELEX, improving employment information services and promoting partnerships to deliver comprehensive services. The report emphasises the importance of adopting a performance management framework to track and measure the effectiveness of the PES.

This assessment serves as a call to action for stakeholders to collaborate and establish working systems that will improve the ecosystem of employability services, particularly for the benefit of Nigeria’s youth in the labour market.

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