The ANPE Mali is providing its drivers with tools to improve their performance.

From Monday 12 to Thursday 15 July, a training session was held at the headquarters of the National Employment Agency (ANPE) for the drivers of the agency. This training aims to strengthen the collaborative relationship between them and their superiors so as to contribute effectively to the overall performance of the institution.

Following the initiative of the ANPE Trade Union Committee, this training session focused on various modules such as: the development of behavioural skills; the relationship between drivers and managers and vice versa; dress code and body hygiene; fatigue and driving management; first aid and safety measures; as well as rights and duties, all of which were covered during the four (4) days of the course.

Twenty-two drivers are benefiting from this andragogy training session.

The opening ceremony which was chaired by the Secretary General of the National Union of Workers of Mali (UNTM), Mr. Yacouba Katilé, was attended by the ANPE Director General, Mr. Ibrahim Ag Nock, the representative of the National Council of Employers of Mali and the Heads of the Agency’s structures.
It was held in the conference room of the ANPE’s Board of Directors.

In his welcome address, the Secretary-General of the ANPE Trade Union Committee, Mr. Drissa Sidibé, stated that “this training falls within the framework of the Agency’s programme of activities. Since the Trade Union Committee organises every year a thematic training session for the Trade Union Committee members The choice was therefore made to include both drivers from Bamako and those from the regional offices”.

Mr. Drissa Sidibé told the beneficiaries that this session offers them a twofold advantage. Firstly, it will enable them to consolidate their own personal training. Secondly, it will provide, in addition to the maintenance of the vehicle, knowledge on the good behaviour that a driver should have towards his boss in his daily work.

In his opening speech, the Secretary General of the Malian National Union of Workers (UNTM), Mr. Yacouba Katilé, argued that “training is a sacerdotal duty for his organisation, because with better-trained workers, a good company culture can be established, which guarantees cohesion, conviviality, professional awareness, respect for hierarchy, etc. All these elements contribute to making the company more efficient on the market”.

Mr. Katilé added that “it is through quality training that we will be able to create a calm and serene climate within the company, which will favour the so-called social dialogue, an important concept for the UNTM. In this respect, I would like to commend the spirit of cooperation and dialogue within ANPE between the General Management and the Trade Union Committee on the major issues within a spirit of consensus and partnership”.

Furthermore, the UNTM Secretary General stated that “developing accessible trade union training that meets the needs of each worker is a major challenge to enable the union to achieve its objectives”. For this reason, he said, “each worker must feel fully involved in the smooth running of his company through good daily behaviour and a proper service approach”.

Yacouba Katilé used this opportunity to thank the Director General for his support and the ANPE Trade Union Committee for its backing alongside the UNTM trade union centre in the battles being waged for the sole benefit of Mali’s workers.

As for the Director General of the ANPE, Ibrahim Ag Nock, he welcomed the constructive complementarity between the Agency’s management and its workers through the Trade Union Committee. Indeed, according to him, consultation and social dialogue are a day-to-day reality at the ANPE. He then added that the General Management would spare no effort to offer as much as possible appropriate working and living conditions to the staff, among which training constitutes a major and essential component.

The ceremony ended with a family photograph gathering the beneficiaries together with the officials to immortalise the event.

Source : DCM/ANPE Mali