Real-time job posting data now available through NLx Research Hub at NASWA

The National Association of State Workforce Agencies (NASWA) is pleased to announce the availability of real-time job posting data from the National Labor Exchange (NLx). The NLx collects and distributes job openings found on corporate career sites and state job banks, and has been a vital resource to state workforce agencies and the broader public workforce system since 2007. The NLx Research Hub leverages the longstanding NLx partnership to make real-time job vacancy information a public utility for the first time.

Approved users can access the NLx data at no cost. The NLx Research Hub currently houses over 75 million unique job posting records, with new jobs added daily. Each data record includes a unique identifier, job title, date, location, and full job description. This “raw” data source is particularly useful for research projects that require the complete text of job descriptions for natural language processing.

Researchers may request access by submitting this form. If approved, the requesting party will sign a data use agreement before API keys are issued to authorized users.

The NLx Research Hub is envisioned as both a source and destination for research using online job postings. Data users are encouraged to share open-source code on the NLx GitHub and feature their research products in the Hub’s community page. Future enhancements will include public dashboards and data visualizations. For more information, please visit the website: