SamPES: Expert training Nairobi-KENYA, October 11-13, 2022

SamPES : Expert training Nairobi-KENYA, October 11-13, 2022




The World Association of Public Employment Services (WAPES) as facilitator of exchange and knowledge transfer between public employment services globally has developed the Self-Assessment Method for Public Employment Services (SamPES) to quality assess employment service delivery and prepare a mutual learning program between peer PES in the world. The SamPES model self-assesses seven areas of service delivery and opens the possibility to adjust and change those areas according to labour market shifts and client needs.

The pilot in 2019 was considered a valid insight into PES self-assessment, highlighting already existing strengths and the route to improving policy approach and service components of the different PES.

Funded by GIZ the pilot project of 2019-2020 was expanded to the region Africa and MEAC. The project included 16 countries (WAPES members and non-members) in the regions table which identified assessment areas within their PES portfolio, self-evaluated performance and defined a perspective for changing service components. The process took six months and opened an implementation possibility for planned changed post-project

The project was managed by WAPES and You Match with a team of contracted consultants. It was carried out from 1 December 2019 – 31 MAY 2020.

Delivery Results:


Most PES in the region have an urgent need to manage their job seekers, profile and match their skills, since unemployment is high and skills match persistent.

Participating countries also initiated action planning for a change process following the insights of the self-assessment

We found some other urgent challenges that needed to be tackled: among others the challenge of the informal market and the relation with employers. To start to tackle the challenge of the informal market a video was made on this topic.

Expert training Nairobi-KENYA October 11-13, 2022


As follow-up of the SamPES project, to enhance the relation with employers WAPES organizes an expert training, that will be held physically in NAIROBI-Kenia. ‘What do employers need from an employment service’. During this training we will tackle one of the biggest challenges we noticed during the SamPES project: ‘How can we improve our relationship with employers’.

12 African/MEAC countries will take part in this basic training about how to enhance their relationship with employers. The 3 days training will contain good cases of employer strategy, practical exercises on how to improve the relationship with employers, an update of the SamPES action plans and a presentation of our new platform that makes it possible to start with the formation of communities of practices about certain topics. An update of the training results will be given in the next newsletter.


Hilde D’Aubioul, SamPES project Manager, WAPES