Survey: “Strategy & Challenges for PES in 2022”

Survey: “Strategy & Challenges for PES in 2022”

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At the end of 2021, 37 PES answered our survey “Strategy & Challenges for PES in 2022” allowed us to draw an overview that demonstrates, once again, the ability of PES to react and adapt to often sudden changes in our environments.

2021 appeared to be a year of consolidation of changes in organization and service delivery methods initiated under the pressure of the first lockdowns in 2020. It is a year of anchoring our learnings from successive crises, enriching and stabilizing our modes of action.

For the year 2022, the survey revealed a common desire to enrich the service offers, simplify them and make them accessible to all through a resolutely User orientation, with two levers:

• digitization and rapid integration of technological advances, and,
• the development of new partnerships and a different basis for rebuilding relations with other actors or operators in the labour market, whether public or private.

It has also revealed practices and orientations towards vulnerable groups with new and more preventive approaches (single-parent family, Employment Ice Age,..).

Another strategic lever was valued in this survey, that of our human resources. The last two years have seen developments and even revolutions in working methods and conditions. Remote working, automation, dematerialization, now allow our advisors to refocus on their core business: advice and support. But the speed of the changes to which they must adapt requires support and skills development. These were the main challenges in 2022.

A new investigation is underway, it will allow us to know if 2022 was in the image of what was planned, and above all, to project ourselves and share our visions for 2023.

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