DRC: Isabelle Ebambi replaces Angélique Kikudi as head of ONEM

After many years at the helm of ONEM, Democratic Republic of Congo, Angélique Kikudi, who was also her institution’s representative on our Board of Directors, is making way for Isabelle Ebambi.

The handover ceremony between outgoing DG Angélique Kikudi and current DG a.i. Isabelle Ebambi took place on May 17, in the presence of the Secretary General for Labour and ONEM staff and executives.

After taking up her duties, Mrs. Ebambi thanked ONEM staff and executives for the warm welcome they had extended to her. She reassured them of her openness and working spirit, so that “together, we can rise to the challenges, relying on collaboration, collective intelligence and the wisdom that God will grant”.

ONEM is a public social security institution that manages the unemployment insurance system, as well as certain employment measures. It is also responsible for the career break and time credit system.